Recommended by Friends

Find anything recommended by friends

iNeed is a free mobile app.

It helps you find whatever you need with recommendations from friends.

iNeed is the quickest and easiest way to get all your trusted recommendations in one place.

Add friends for their recommendations

Encourage your friends to make recommendations so that you can discover the best of everything, wherever you are.

Give your friends recommendations they can trust.

If you’ve just discovered an amazing restaurant or you think everyone should know about your handyman, tap recommend.

Find anything, anywhere

Find services, places to go and things to do - from little-known hotels and the best local gift shops to plumbers, piano teachers or personal trainers.

Ask for instant recommendations

When you need a recommendation but can’t find what you want, ask your friends.

Search and Collections

iNeed has curated the most popular searches into collections, but you can search for anything, in any location, whenever you want.

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