Recommended by Friends

Find anything recommended by friends

iNeed is your little black book of everything.

At first, we wanted the iNeed app to be a black book of our friends' recommendations, but we quickly saw we could take the idea much further - we could make iNeed into the app where you can find anything, instantly. That's what we're proud to launch as a beta app for iOS and Android.

iNeed shows you your friends' recommendations on top of a directory of everything you might need, from pubs and plumbers to handymen, hairdressers or hotels. It's is not only incredibly useful, it's also really enjoyable to use. iNeed makes discovery easy, social and fun.

Invite friends for their recommendations

iNeed works better with friends because you benefit from each others' recommendations. Whether you want to impress your friends with your good taste and excellent recommendations, or want to discover their favourite places or most trusted services, iNeed is the only app that lets you view recommendations for everything in one place.

Give your friends recommendations they can trust.

If you’ve just discovered an amazing restaurant or you think everyone should know about your handyman, tap recommend.

Find anything, anywhere

Find services, places to go and things to do - from little-known hotels and the best local gift shops to plumbers, piano teachers or personal trainers.

Ask for instant recommendations

When you need a recommendation but can’t find what you want, ask your friends.

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